Etsu no Hajime

Category: SAKE

Sub-Category: Pure Sake

Materials: Rice, Koji rice

Alc: 15

Paring: Bánh xèo, Curry, Raw fish

Feature: The name of meaning is "the first Sake in Vietnam" Etsu refers Vietnam, Hajime refers the first in Japanese.
Our sake is not the same , but similar with Japanese sake. It is worth enjoying the difference.
The taste is dry such as the feature of Vietnamese rice. We investigate how Vietnamese can drink sake familiarly.
We hope Japanese sake is familiar in Vietnam and Vietnamese sake spread in all over the world.

2022: Silver Prize in Monde Selection
2021: Silver Prize in Monde Selection
2021: Platium Prize in Kura Master


Store in a cool and dark place

Sake Meter Value: +3

We gave one to Japanese Ex emperor.
In Japan, the label has changed in order to ensure the traceability.

Capacity: 1800ml 720ml 300ml